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Here at Royal Tire, we partner with you to help evaluate your operating conditions. We analyze your fleets’ tires and tire-related costs and provide recommendations to improve safety, lower costs, and enhance productivity. Our goal is not to sell you tires, but to provide the right tires and services for your application, helping you get the most out of your budget.

Helping our commercial customers choose the right tires for their needs

When it comes to choosing the tires that are the best fit for your business’ vehicles, there are two key factors to consider; Position (Steer/All-Position, Drive, or Trailer) and Application (Long Haul, Regional, On/Off-Road, or Urban.) By working together with our commercial customers to understand their exact needs, we’re able to provide tailored product recommendations and fleet solutions to our clients across a wide variety of industries.

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Tailored fleet consulting services for your unique needs

Our Commercial Sales Representatives take a proactive approach to providing you with fleet inspections, tread life tracking, mileage analysis, and out of service analysis (OOSTA) reports on your fleet’s tires. This reporting process provides you with the transparency you expect from a dependable and valued partner like Royal Tire.

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