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Tire foam-filling for off-the-road commercial vehicles

Foam-filling is a process that replaces the air inside a tire with a compound that is designed to boast the same flexibility of an inflated tire while also making the tire immune to punctures or sidewall cuts. A combination of recycled ground-up tire rubber may also be used along with the polyurethane filler, further reducing your cost.


This combination is then set to cure creating a resilient, soft rubber core. This cure time takes approximately 36 to 48 hours depending upon the size of the tire being filled. With Foam Fill, your industrial tires can withstand even the most severe working conditions, so you never have to worry about fixing a flat tire during a job again.

Foam filling your industrial tires helps reduce costly repairs and early tire replacement

Have you ever driven over a nail or screw on the job site, only to realize it once it’s too late and the tire is already flat? With Foam Fill, you can prevent unexpected flats from slowing your crew down and costing you money on expensive tire repairs or replacements. Filling your industrial tires with durable foam-fill material that is designed to hold up in even the harshest of working environments ensures you never have to worry about a loose screw or nail damaging your tires again. Foam-filled tires are also capable of being retreaded, just like medium truck and OTR tires, which further increases your savings potential.

Press-on tires and tracks for material handling and industrial equipment

Royal Tire carries a wide range of press-on tires for material handling and forklift applications. If you have tracked industrial machinery, we've got you covered, we stock tracks in a wide range of sizes. Contact us today to discuss your specific needs. Our experienced sales team will work with you to select the press-on tires or tracks that best suit your application.

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