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On-Site fleet inspection services help save your company money

Royal Tire helps our commercial customers save money and improve productivity by offering on-site fleet inspection services. Through the use of our snapshot survey system, we provide you with vital information and important metrics as they relate to tire performance. This allows you to make confident, educated decisions when it comes to everything tire-related for your fleet.

Asset accountability - retread tire/wheel pick-up

Royal Tire is proud to be a leader in customer asset accountability. We do this by performing a detailed inspection of your fleet's equipment, documenting our findings, then presenting a report to you making appropriate recommendations on how to maximize your tire and service investments.

Members of our sales or service teams start by recording the equipment unit number, size, and position of each tire. Each tire's tread depth and air pressure is measured and documented. Specific details about your fleet’s tires can also be gathered such as the age of a tire or number of times a tire has been retreaded. Finally, we’ll discuss the report data we’ve collected with you, giving you the information and recommendations you need to help you manage your fleet.

Retreads are fully tracked, from pick-up to delivery and every step in between. Each retread tire gets a serialized barcode applied at the time of pickup and remains applied throughout the retread process. At the time of tire/wheel pickup you'll be given a receipt listing the barcode along with applicable retread workorder information. When the retreaded tires are returned to you, the invoice delivered with the tires has the information you need to match the barcodes of the tires delivered to the tires that were picked up. The casings you trust us to retread will always be the casings returned back to you, retreaded and ready to run.

What to expect from a custom commercial inspection

When we work with you to conduct a fleet inspection, we’ll include all of our findings and recommendations in a comprehensive report that summarizes and highlights key points in the data we’ve collected.

A range of monthly, quarterly, semi-annual and annual reports are are also available, as well as custom reports tailored to your preferences. The following are the most popular reports we deliver on a regular basis: YTD Purchase Reports (detailed and summarized), Retread/NRT (Non-Retreadable Tire) Report, Retread Snapshot, Yard Check Reports, Tread Tracking Reports and much more!

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Helping you monitor and improve your fleet maintenance costs

When it comes to monitoring your fleet’s efficiency, we offer additional inspection services such as:

  • Cost Per Hour/Mile Analysis: In this analysis, we calculate cost by wheel position and profit center to establish a baseline and then measure changes on a monthly basis.
  • Bandag Mileage Checker: We use this software to calculate which tread pattern is the most cost-effective by wheel position and profit center within a year, capturing all seasons on a monthly basis.
  • Tread Tracking: We track your treads across different applications by monitoring on/off, mileage, tread depth, and various other related trends. This information provides our sales team with the ability to offer the right tire and tread for your fleet’s applications.
  • Out of Service Analysis (OOSTA): We recommend this survey to find any warranties or trends that can be prevented to help lower operating expenses.

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